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Diary Of An Apartment Investor

The Educational Podcast For Apartment Investors & Future Syndicators

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Brian Briscoe | Jens Nielsen | Adrian Chuquillangui

How to attract accredited investors and how to raise capital. Listen to Jens Nielsen explain how to look for investors when you are first starting out.

Brian Briscoe | Martin Reriani | Andrew Kuntzman

Building a team to aid with various aspects of multifamily is crucial in order to account for your weaknesses. Listen to Martin Reriani explain how he built his team in order to be able to balance work and familial relationships.

Brian Briscoe | Rob Rowsell | Austin Cook

Working with an SEC attorney is something all syndicators will need to do at some time. Listen to Rob Rowsell go over his experience with working with SEC attorney and what he recommends all syndicators to do early on if they decide to partner.

Brian Briscoe | Kim Radaker Bays | Adam Mitchell

Knowing how to build your team, how to compensate, and what to delegate is important as you begin to grow. Listen to Kim Radaker Bays go over her approach to building a team as she provides other valuable insights to Adam Mitchell.

Brian Briscoe | Coty Dolan

Figuring out the right size for your first deal is something all aspiring investors struggle with. Listen to Coty Dolan explain why 50 units and above is the right size for your first deal.

Brian Briscoe | Bradley Kirschbaum | Sanat Bhandari

Construction costs and supply chain issues are causing budget and timelines to become overextended. Listen to Bradley Kirschbaum go over some of the challenges with construction and how he is overcoming this as he provides other valuable insights to Sanat Bhandari.

Brian Briscoe | 5/13/2022

Managing the replacement of tenants with higher quality tenants and determining which renovations to focus on is crucial in a successful value-add deal. Listen to Feras Moussa talk about his approach to build a community as he provides other valuable insights to Rachel Jones.

Brian Briscoe | 5/9/2022

Listen to Seth Bradley go over the biggest risk to a multifamily deal in 2022 as he provides other valuable advice to Stefan Tsvetkov.

Brian Briscoe | 5/6/2022

Listen to Amy & Cory go over their 166-unit deal in Kansas City, Missouri as they cover the capital raising for it, any challenges encountered, and the management of the asset after closing.

Brian Briscoe | 5/2/2022

Listen to Warren Dresner go over the #1 mistake he made when starting off in multifamily investing as he provides other advice to Nkrumah Eaves.

Brian Briscoe | 4/29/2022

Investing in apartments while working a W-2 with Andrew Schutsky and Julio Garcia.

Brian Briscoe | 4/25/2022

The importance of taking action as he goes over closing on a 42-unit apartment complex in Austin, Texas.