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Diary of an Apartment Investor

Shifting your Mindset With Daniel Kwak & William Hollis

Brian Briscoe | Daniel Kwak | William Hollis

Guests Daniel Kwak & William Hollis talk about changing your mentality, books to read and tools to use for gathering information on which markets to invest in.

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This episode originally aired on September 30, 2022


Your host, Brian Briscoe, has been a general partner in 655 units worth $50 million and has been lead sponsor, asset manager, capital raiser, and key principal on these properties. He has developed a multifamily education community called the Tribe of Titans that helps aspiring investors learn the game, network with other like-minded professionals, and get their apartment investing business to the next level. He is founder of Streamline Capital Group, which will continue to acquire multifamily assets well into the future. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021.

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Daniel Kwak

Daniel Kwak first immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 5. Due to a financially disadvantaged upbringing at the age of 20 he had a negative amount of 187.65 in his bank account. Motivated by continued financial hardship throughout his life he started learning about Real Estate Investing. The first two years he learned everything he could and at the age of 22 he did his first deal. By age 23 he had 83 rental units, along with having raised millions of dollars in capital and also having done a variety of different deals and strategies. At age 26, Daniel founded Miotti Partners Capital, a core satellite fund that has introduced the equities fund management model into the Real Estate space for the first time. He has also traveled across the country training and mentoring hundreds and thousands of aspiring real estate investors. Daniel and his brother currently run an online financial education company, along with a Youtube channel (The Kwak Brothers) that currently has over 280k subscribers

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William Hollis

“I'm Hollis from Hollis, Queens. I’m a software developer by trade. Owning real estate has been a goal of mine since I was a 7 year old kid watching my landlord stuff hundreds into his pockets every first of the month. But it didn't seem accessible. Fast forward about 20 years I decided to get myself into the right rooms and learned about wholesaling. After running a successful wholesale business for a few years, I wanted to create something that would provide more tax advantaged passive income. That's when I turned my sights on commercial real estate.”


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Diary Of An Apartment Investor

The Educational Podcast For Apartment Investors & Future Syndicators

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