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Diary of an Apartment Investor

Ways To Reach Out With Sanjay Hegde & Stephen Dall'Orso

Brian Briscoe | Sanjay Hegde | Stephen Dall'Orso

Sanjay Hegde & Stephen Dall'Orso discuss ways to learn more about investing and ways to go about contacting investors.

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This episode originally aired on August 22, 2022


Your host, Brian Briscoe, has been a general partner in 655 units worth $50 million and has been lead sponsor, asset manager, capital raiser, and key principal on these properties. He has developed a multifamily education community called the Tribe of Titans that helps aspiring investors learn the game, network with other like-minded professionals, and get their apartment investing business to the next level. He is founder of Streamline Capital Group, which will continue to acquire multifamily assets well into the future. He retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021.

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Sanjay Hegde

Sanjay Hegde is a first-generation immigrant from India. He and his wife moved to the US in 2001.  He had an opportunity to become a Production Supervisor, Northeastern Regional Sales Rep, Sales Manager, Director of Sales for Americas and Asia later hired by a competitor as VP of sales and marketing. “It was an interesting journey from on the floor starting at $7.25 to making $250K and traveling the world while managing $200M plus in business. One day when I was on business travel, my son got into an accident which is what made me to think of starting my own business. I was trying to figure what business should I get into. I had started investing actively as well as passively in Single Family and Storage Houses in 2016 and I noticed that I was making money in my passive investments and not so much in my single-family active investment.  In 2021 I started Blue Ring Investors. Even though as GP’s we are heavily involved in all aspects of managing the asset at Blue Ring Investors we specialize in raising capital while helping healthcare professionals and busy professionals grow their net worth, passive income and scale up their investment portfolio by helping them invest in investment grade commercial real estate with high returns. We do this by partnering with established network of vetted and successful real estate acquisition teams in whose deals we invest on our investors benefit.”

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Stephen Dall'Orso

Stephen Dall’Orso is Fund Manager for the Orso Fund which is a private investment vehicle that specializes in single and multifamily assets.

Learn more about him at: Text at 248 773 9006 or

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Diary Of An Apartment Investor

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