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Diary of an Apartment Investor

Building Your Team For Multifamily Investing with Kim Radaker Bays and Adam Mitchell

Brian Briscoe | Kim Radaker Bays | Adam Mitchell

Knowing how to build your team, how to compensate, and what to delegate is important as you begin to grow. Listen to Kim Radaker Bays go over her approach to building a team as she provides other valuable insights to Adam Mitchell.

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This episode originally aired on May 23, 2022
Your host, Brian Briscoe, is a co-founder and principal in the real estate investing firm Four Oaks Capital.  He and his team currently have 655 units worth $50 million in assets under management and are continuing to grow.  He recently retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021.

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Kim Radaker Bays

Kim Radaker Bays is a veteran real estate investing expert and founder of Exponential Property Group, a multi-family real estate investment firm that has bought and sold over 9000 apartment units over the last 10 years. The company has been recognised as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the US. Kim has been in the real estate industry for 10+ years and has grown Exponential Property Group from two employees to over 170. Before founding Exponential Property Group, Kim was involved with creating and running her family’s single-family rental portfolio and house flipping activities. She lives with her husband Matt, twin sons, James and Nathan, and her step-son Jett in Southlake, Texas.




Adam Mitchell

I have been a real estate investor since 2004 starting my career with single family rentals. I began to transition out of a day job about 5 years ago and into real estate full-time with a single family real estate business which I have done. The goal for me has always been to get into a position to be able to buy multi-family properties to impact my family and the communities we work in.
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Diary Of An Apartment Investor

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